Use accessible webpages and email to market content to users who can't access print and print documents for locations where they can access it.

Event Webpage Examples

With the content management system Drupal Web Express, several types of webpages can be created to replace uploading and linking to PDF files and other types of documents. By default when one creates webpages and follows the instructions for working to ensure accessibility in webpages, content and layout are accessible and comply with requirements sites have to follow to meet standards and laws for accessiblity. With training, website editors and site owners can create compelling web content and layouts in many ways and with several layouts and combinations. Below are some examples of the types of event webpages that users can create to help limit the use of print based documents that are difficult to create and remediate for accessibiity. Contact the CLAS Webmaster for help with any event or other webpages in CLAS websites.