College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UC Denver

CLAS Deans Awards - 2013

At a standing-room-only ceremony on May 10, Dean Daniel J. Howard announced the winners of the college awards for 2012-2013. The highest honor, the Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award, was presented to Sonja K. Foss of the Communication Department. Foss will receive $5,000 per year for her 3 year term, and will deliver a celebratory lecture for CLAS in fall.

Not pictured below:
Outstanding Master of Science, Sarah Blakeslee, M.S., Integrative Biology, Fall 2012
Outstanding Bachelor of Science, Antoinette Foster, B.S., Psychology, Spring 2013
Outstanding Ph.D., Jeffrey Larson, Ph.D., Mathematical & Statistical Sciences, Fall 2012
Faculty Retiree, William Edward Cherowitzo, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
Faculty Retiree, Karl H. Flaming, Sociology