Stefes and Jose on Ukraine

March 2, 2023

Political Science Professor Christoph Stefes, and Associate Professor Betcy Jose, talk about the Russian and Ukrainian conflict one year after the Russian invasion. It has been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine 9News Denver , February 24

photo fo jim walsh

James Walsh Expands on Irish History in Leadville

Sept. 22, 2022

Assistant Professor in Political Science James Walsh says there were about 3,000 Irish-born people in the town of Leadville at any one time during the silver rush. Walsh, who has spent 20 years researching Irish history in Leadville and is publishing a book next year, says life for those who...

CLAS Faculty Among Those Working on Ninth Street Restoration Project

Aug. 24, 2022

In March, the University of Colorado Denver revealed plans to restore and renovate all of the buildings on Ninth Street that the school occupies. - Brian Page, Associate Professor and Chair of Geography and Environmental Sciences, is working on a project to digitize the history of Auraria by creating interactive...

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Continuing to Build Bonds with Ireland and Striking as a Human Right from James Walsh

April 14, 2022

James Walsh, Clinical Associate Professor of Political Science, offers insights to the history of strikes and the current debate of strikes in Colorado. Walsh was also recently part of a group welcoming a delegation from the Allihies Copper Mine Museum in West Cork, Ireland, who traveled to Leadville, Colorado, to...

Christoph Stefes Weighs In on Ukraine and Russia

March 3, 2022

Political Science Professor Christoph Stefes said in an interview he believes the Russian invasion of Ukraine may have been in the works for months or years and that it would be hard to judge exactly how sanctions will affect Putin and Russia. “I’ve seen Putin’s speeches in the last few...

James Walsh Talks About the Deal King Soopers and Workers Recently Approved

Feb. 3, 2022

Workers from 77 King Soopers stores approved a new three-year agreement with the grocery chain last month. Assistant Professor C/T of Political Science James Walsh studies labor movements and helps break down the deal and its possible statewide impact. What the recent grocery strike could mean for organized labor’s future...

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Betcy Jose weighs in on the worsening humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia

Oct. 28, 2021

“This is a story of enormous human tragedy that this is what the international community needs to focus on—putting pressure on all those who are involved at a minimum to allow for humanitarian access to people who are so desperately in need…Civilians who don’t have a direct hand in the...

photo of Ericka Wills

Ericka Wills Living What She Teaches With Anniversary March

Sept. 17, 2021

The Battle of Blair Mountain occurred in Logan County, West Virginia as part of the Coal Wars – a series of early 20th-century labor disputes in Appalachia. Today, the United Mine Workers of America retraced the miners’ march to that historic battle. “It’s all part of a larger historical struggle...

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James Walsh Key to Historic Project in Leadville

July 21, 2021

Of the more than 1,300 now sunken graves that surround the memorial site in Evergreen Cemetery, about 80 percent were dug for Irish immigrants, and almost half for children younger than 12, said Jim Walsh, historian for the memorial project and Clinical Associate Professor of Political Science, who has researched...

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Colorado’s Redistricting will Be Important to the Future of the State According to Michael Berry

May 19, 2021

“I think the allocation of a new seat to the state of Colorado is potentially very important and could produce some of those meaningful benefits to the state either economically or in terms of policy,” said Michael Berry, Associate Professor of Political Science. Colorado to get 8th congressional district after...