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Colorado’s Redistricting will Be Important to the Future of the State According to Michael Berry

May 19, 2021

“I think the allocation of a new seat to the state of Colorado is potentially very important and could produce some of those meaningful benefits to the state either economically or in terms of policy,” said Michael Berry, Associate Professor of Political Science. Colorado to get 8th congressional district after...

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James Walsh on Irish Heritage in Colorado

April 1, 2021

While cities like New York, Boston and Chicago are widely recognized for their Irish American communities, Colorado can trace its Irish connection back to the late 1800s and a mining boom in the state. “The first Irish communities in the state were in the Central City area," said Political Science...

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Michael Berry on Colorado’s Representation at Impeachment

March 4, 2021

“Neguse is really making a national name for himself through this impeachment trial,” said Michael Berry, Associate Professor of Political Science. “More of a known quantity”: Impeachment trial gives Reps. Neguse, DeGette a national spotlight The Denver Post , Feb 13

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Michael Berry Reports Colorado did a Good Job Handling Mail-in Ballots

Jan. 21, 2021

“Colorado just simply didn’t have the problems with absentee ballots and such that other states had,” says Michael Berry, Associate Professor of Political Science. “That’s largely because we had an expansive vote-by-mail apparatus that we all understood how to use.” How 2020 Has Affected the Way We Vote 5280 , Dec 15

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Michael Berry Weighs in on the Colorado Senate Race

July 22, 2020

"Regardless of who wins the Democratic primary this week, I would totally expect the Democratic nominee to be a strong favorite against Gardner," said Michael Berry, Associate Professor of Political Science. "It's difficult to see a scenario where Gardner is able to overcome the unpopularity of Donald Trump in Colorado...

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Immigration Aids U.S. Economic Success, Cites James Walsh

Feb. 5, 2020

“Every serious study of migrants in the U.S. determines that they are a great boost to our economy,” says James Walsh, Political Science Clinical Associate Professor. “Without immigrant communities, many towns across the U.S. would be in serious economic trouble,” he went on to say. “Immigrants pay taxes, commit few...

Houses on the Moon Theater Company presents de novo: más allá de las fronteras a play by Jeffrey Solomon, Nov 3

Oct. 23, 2019

6:30pm St. Cajetan Catholic Church This acclaimed Off Broadway play (crafted entirely from immigration court transcripts, interviews and letters) tells the gripping true story of fourteen year old Edgar Chocoy and his legal struggle to be allowed to stay in the U.S. On the streets of Guatemala City, Gang members...

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Tony Robinson’s research reveals shelter beds go empty for logistical reasons

Oct. 23, 2019

“There aren’t enough (shelter) beds for the people who need them,” Tony Robinson, Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science, said in response to a chart the city’s lawyer presented showing Denver’s shelters have consistently had empty beds over the last few years. Robinson, who has directed surveys of hundreds...

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Michael Cummings argues give younger people the right to vote

Oct. 23, 2019

It’s undemocratic to exclude young people from the vote, argues Emeritus Political Science Professor Michael Cummings. "In a democracy, the citizens should have a right to vote because public policy affects them," Cummings told Mic . "In a democracy, we don't say, 'How smart are you? Oh you're pretty smart,...

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Fracking a key issue in upcoming senate primary, according to Karen Breslin

Oct. 10, 2019

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper recently abandoned his long-shot bid for the White House to enter the Democratic primary for one of Colorado’s US senate seat in 2020. Combating climate change and preserving the environment is a top issue for Democratic voters — especially progressives. “Fracking activists have dubbed Hickenlooper...