Audrey Hendricks Publishing on Summix With Students

July 21, 2021

Audrey E. Hendricks, Associate Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, along with 10 student authors published, “ Summix: A method for detecting and adjusting for population structure in genetic summary data ,” this month in the American Journal of Human Genetics . Many of these...

Stephen Hartke Receives OER Award

March 18, 2021

Stephen Hartke, Professor of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, recently received the annual University of Colorado Open Educational Resources Champion Award. This award recognizes significant achievements of CU faculty, staff, and students in expanding the use of open educational resources.

Stephanie Santorico Launches New Course on Genetics’ Relation to Human Health

Feb. 3, 2021

Stephanie A. Santorico, Mathematical and Statistical Science Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Research and Creative Activities, recently launched a course on the platform Coursera on how genetics relates to human health (and therefore disease). The course is for medical, health, and public health professional and trainee learners who will...

Congratulations to Fall 2020 Outstanding Student Award Winners

Dec. 2, 2020

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences selected the following Fall 2020 graduates for recognition of Outstanding Achievement: B.S. Biology: Michael Alley B.A. International Studies: Olivia Fambrini M.S. Mathematical and Statistical Sciences: Jessica Murphy Ph.D. Mathematical and Statistical Sciences: Emileigh Willems

Congratulations on Retirement Susan Rivera

Oct. 15, 2020

Susan Rivera will retire at the end of October from the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Department. She joined the university in fall 2015, and has worked tirelessly to make CU Denver a welcoming place to our students, visitors, staff and faculty. The Math Department wishes Susan a well-deserved and a...

Audrey Hendricks Received NHGRI Genomic Innovator Award

Sept. 3, 2020

Associate Professor of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Audrey Hendricks recently received a National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) award to develop efficient methods to improve the use of genetic summary data. The Genomic Innovator Awards was developed to support innovative work by genomics investigators who are early in their careers...

Gary Olson co-PI on Newly Funded NSF Grant

Aug. 19, 2020

Gary Olson, Senior Instructor in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, will co-PI on a new National Science Foundation award (PI of the award is Heather Johnson from the School of Education & Human Development). The project, titled " Promoting Mathematical Reasoning and Transforming Instruction in College Algebra ,”...

Steffen Borgwardt Receives Award to Research Circuit Walks in Optimization

July 22, 2020

Associate Professor of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Steffen Borgwardt was recently awarded a $233,560, 4-year, National Science Foundation award for researching Circuit Walks in Optimization . Borgwardt is working to design, study, and implement algorithms for optimal gradual transitions between solutions of a mathematical program. The ability to efficiently construct...

Campus-wide Effort Led by Jan Mandel Results in an NSF Grant to Build a State-of-the-Art Computing Resource

July 22, 2020

A group of researchers and educators at University of Colorado Denver, led by PI and Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Professor Jan Mandel, will be building a state-of-the-art computing resource on the downtown campus thanks to a $400,000 National Science Foundation Award (#2019089) .The new facility will provide the first campus-wide,...

Julien Langou Awarded New NSF Grant

May 14, 2020

Julien Langou has been awarded NSF award for a proposal that was submitted in collaboration with the University of Tennessee and the University of California, Berkeley. Starting next moth and running through 2024, the project `` Collaborative Research: Frameworks: Basic Algebra LIbraries for Sustainable Technology with Interdisciplinary Collaboration (BALLISTIC)” ,...