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Tom Noel weighs in on Coors leaving Colorado

Nov. 5, 2019

With the move of Molson Coors’ corporate operations to Chicago, Colorado isn’t just losing high-paying jobs. Part of the state’s corporate identity is being stripped away, and its biggest foothold in the consumer goods market has slipped away. “Coors has been the state’s best known, best-selling brand,” said History Professor...

photo of tom noel

Noel gives historical context on Larimer Square

Feb. 25, 2019

Changes may be coming to the oldest buildings on Larimer Square - the block that was home to Denver’s first commercial buildings and its first seat of government, according to official state historian and History Professor Tom Noel. Plans to change Larimer Square, Denver’s most historic block, entering next chapter...

Noel to lead state historians council

Aug. 23, 2018

On August 1, Colorado Day, History Colorado will install its new State Historians Council, comprising five historians from academic institutions across the state. History Professor Tom Noel will head the council. And so "Dr. Colorado," as Noel is known, will be in. History Colorado Replacing State Historian Patty Limerick With...

Hunt on Stapleton and national renaming debates

June 21, 2018

Associate Professor of History Rebecca Hunt said the local discussion about renaming Stapleton is happening within a national conversation on race relations and history that includes the choice by some cities to take down Confederate monuments. "We are dealing with things like Stapleton and statues because of the modern time...