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Check out the Latest Interactive Film Series in Denver with Host Andrew Scahill

Aug. 24, 2022

The Rainbow Cult series, which launched this month at the Sie FilmCenter, is taking an interactive approach to cult-cinema screenings with props, call-backs, singalongs, costumes and live performances. Assistant Professor of English Andrew Scahill will host the new film series with drag queen DuPri . Scahill, a nationally regarded scholar...

Team Using CU Next Award to Promote Data Advocacy for All

June 16, 2022

An interdisciplinary team from CU Denver and CU Boulder has won a CU Next Award for their project, Data Advocacy for All: An Open Access Digital Repository for Innovative Data-Driven Curricula . The CU Next Award is an initiative to support faculty pedagogical innovation across CU campuses. At CU Denver,...

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Gillian Silverman on the Modern Scarlet Letter Placed on Amber Heard

June 16, 2022

While much of the circus surrounding the Depp-Heard trial feels entirely of this moment (a livestream that regularly draws half a million viewers, the rhetoric around “believing women,” and the sheer power of Mr. Depp’s fans to shape the narrative) in many ways what we are witnessing is a story...

Breaking Down the Antihero Gender Gap with Sarah Hagelin and Gillian Silverman

March 3, 2022

Because audiences expect cheery competence from women while tolerating laziness, violence and rule-breaking in men, the female antihero represents a profound threat to the status quo, write Sarah Hagelin and Gillian Silverman, Associate Professors of English. OPINION: Why We Love Lazy, Drunk, Broke Women on TV The New York Times...

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Drew Bixby Makes a Case to Save the Souls of Denver’s Dive Bars

Feb. 17, 2022

“Is there still a place for these bars? Are they still important? Yes. Every time one of these bars closes, it’s a loss of a part of Denver,” says Drew Bixby, Lecturer in the Department of English as well as Assistant Director and Writing Center and Distance Director of the...

Explore the New Female Anti-Hero with Sarah Hagelin and Gillian Silverman

Feb. 3, 2022

Recent years have witnessed a fascinating trend: the explosion of strong and norm-defying female protagonists on prime-time television. These women are, as Associate Professors of English Sarah Hagelin and Gillian Silverman brilliantly argue, our 21st-century anti-heroes. The New Female Antihero, by Sarah Hagelin and Gillian Silverman Times Higher Education, Jan 20

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According to Andrew Scahill Winter Chills Can Produce a Good Setting for Horror Films

Dec. 9, 2021

“Some genres are more elastic than others. A mystery is predicated on surprising its audience. A rom-com wants to fulfil every expectation and not violate the contract of genre. Horror forces itself to keep innovating,” said Andrew Scahill, Assistant Professor of English. The setting of winter for some new horror...

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Julie Vick on How to Develop Your Ability to Write with Humor

Oct. 28, 2021

Two humor writers walk into a bar. The first one says, “Ouch!” The second one says, “No, go with ‘Yikes!’ because hard sounds like K are funnier.” Julie Vick, Senior Instructor in the English Department, and Sarah Garfinkel are a lot funnier than that. Vick said, “One thing I’ve realized...

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Go Ahead and Give Yourself a Little Scare Says Andrew Scahill

Oct. 28, 2021

Watching frightening films can give you much more than a good scare, they can also help relieve stress and anxiety. “In the 30s, there was a lot of anxiety about what people consumed and whether it transformed them—especially children,” said Andrew Scahill, Assistant Professor in English and the author of...

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Andrew Scahill contributed to the Dorian Award winning documentary of the year

Jan. 22, 2020

Scream Queen! , a documentary English Assistant Professor Andrew Scahill is featured in as a film historian, has just won the Dorian Award (the LGBTQ Oscars) for Best Documentary . In advance of the film’s highly anticipated release, Scahill talked about the subject of the documentary, Nightmare on Elm Street...