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Friedson on Hickenlooper

Jan. 14, 2019

Assistant Economics Professor Andrew Friedson said if you’re looking for the best possible story about Hickenlooper’s lasting impact on the economy, “it has to be that he prevented us from getting into this top tier of congestion.” People and companies move here and create jobs for reasons that have nothing...

Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics

Friedson on gubernatorial candidates’ ideas on healthcare

Oct. 18, 2018

Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics points out that Jared Polis' plan will take an immense pool of political capital from dozens of lawmakers in states that are more conservative than Colorado. "I don't think heavily Republican Kansas is about to jump on board with this,"–while his concerns about Walker...

East, Luck, Mansour and Valasquez research cited in The Economist

Sept. 6, 2018

Economics Assistant Professor Chloe East, Assistant Professor Phil Luck, Associate Professor Hani Mansour, and Assistant Professor Andrea Valasquez’s research The Labor Market Effects of Immigration Enforcement examined the effects of reducing the supply of low-skilled immigrant workers on the labor market outcomes of domestic workers. The perverse side effects of...

Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics

Friedson on hot Colorado economy

Aug. 23, 2018

"I don't think it came as a shock to anybody that Colorado continues to be one of the hottest economies in the country," said Andrew Friedson, Assistant Economics Professor. Colorado's Economy Is Among The Fastest Growing In The Nation Colorado Public Radio , Aug 6

Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics

Friedson on Colorado job market growth

June 21, 2018

"If the U.S. isn't slowing down right now, then Colorado definitely isn't slowing down," said Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics. Colorado Job Growth Quickens, Surprising Economists Colorado Public Radio , June 15

Luck on tariff impacts on beer prices

June 21, 2018

Economics Assistant Professor Philip Luck was interviewed about how new aluminum tariffs could hurt the American beer industry. Luck believes the tariffs themselves will inevitably lead to higher beer prices. "The main problem here, again, is the uncertainty generated by these tariffs," Luck said. When it comes to beer, Luck...

Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics

Friedson on what to expect from the race to win Amazon

Feb. 1, 2018

Now that the list of the top 20 candidates has been announced cities could start upping the ante, according to Andrew Friedson, Assistant Professor of Economics. "This is exactly what I would do if I’m trying to touch off a bidding war between places," Friedson said. "You get a couple...

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East on Medicaid past expansions

Dec. 14, 2017

Could Medicaid expansions from over 30 years ago affect future generations? Assistant Professor of Economics Chloe East thinks so. East has collaborated with three other researchers across the United States to study the potential for positive, multigenerational effects from access to public health interventions such as Medicaid.

Argys on the Denver Job Market

July 21, 2017

Colorado overall is still waiting to see a significant uptick in wage growth, and the link between wage growth and a tight labor market may not be as strong at is has been in the past, according to Associate Dean and Economics Professor Laura Argys. It’s “an employee’s job market”...