NOTE: Certificate applications must be submitted before the end of the semester in which all required coursework is completed. Certificates will be mailed following graduation each semester.

What Students Say

“I am so glad I got this certificate [Undergraduate Certificate in Strategic Communication]! It has been a helpful addition to my resume when looking for jobs. The skills that I gained from the classes required for the certificate have proven to be very helpful skills in every position I have held.” -- Haley Pasquariello, BA, 2017

“I am very glad I earned the Strategic Communication Certificate. I work in Development, and the classes I took for the certificate gave me a strong foundation for my job. I am also getting my MA in Public Media with a focus in journalism and having the strategic communication background has been beneficial with my current classes.” -- Morgan Mackey, BA, 2017

“I am still very glad I have earned it [Undergraduate Certificate in Strategic Communication]. While I do not work in a field that requires it (IT). It has definitely made a difference as what I learned has improved my critical thinking and problem solving abilities. It allows me to approach things differently than most IT folk do. It’s also helped in how I handle my communication with others across my organization as I do quite a bit of mediating and liaising. Plus, I personally like having the certificate as it shows that I specialized during my undergraduate studies.” -- Chris Meehleib, BA, 2016

"I would like to give a shout out to CU Denver Department of Communication! I graduated in the Spring of 2015 and was fortunate enough to be hired by a fantastic Fortune 200 company the fall before graduation. The value added to my resume was second to none after I completed my Public Relations and Mediation certificates. My employer was extremely impressed by the courses taken to complete these certificates, which still has me receiving job offers from corporate recruiters often! As an alum I take pride in being able to differentiate my expertise in the workforce by proudly displaying my certs on my resume. The practicality of both certificates is valued highly by top talent recruiters, which has served me very well since graduation." -- Michael O'Connor‎, BA, 2015