Strategic Communication Graduate Certificate Learning Outcomes

MA Certificate holders will achieve competency in the undergraduate certificate areas and additionally will be able to:

  1. Apply Research Concepts: Understands and can apply primary and secondary, formal and informal, quantitative and qualitative methods. Understands a premise and research plan. Decides on the population and sampling techniques. Designs instruments, etc.
  2. Conduct Research: Uses a variety of research tools to gather information about the employer or client, industry and relevant issues. Seeks to learn about stakeholders' understanding of the product, organization, and issues.
  3. Analyze Stakeholders: Identifies institutions, groups, or individuals who have an interest in or are affected by some part of the program. Assesses interest of influential institutions, groups, and individuals. 
  4. Address Diversity: Identifies and respects a range of differences among target audiences. Researches and addresses the cultural preferences of target audiences. Understands culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies and tactics.
  5. Demonstrate Analytical skills: Objectively interprets data. Applies research findings.
  6. Conduct Audience Identification and communication: Identifies appropriate audiences and the opinions, beliefs, attitudes, cultures, and values of each. Prioritizes and properly sequences communications to the different audiences.
  7. Evaluate Programs: Determines if goals and objectives of public relations program were met and the extent to which the results or outcomes of public relations programs have been accomplished.
  8. Plan and Implement:  Understands public relations programs based on research methodology or approaches that address the following components: Research, Goals, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Evaluation.