The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences encourages students to pursue independent study and directed research alongside our distinguished CLAS faculty. These are opportunities to delve into research projects relevant to students' interests and CLAS majors. If you are considering an independent study or directed research proposal, please be aware of the following criteria:

  • You must have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA (check with the CLAS department of your choice for department-level GPA requirements)
  • No more than 12 semester hours of independent study or directed research can apply to your major
  • Independent study or directed research projects may not replace a published catalog course
  • Faculty must be authorized to teach in CLAS
  • Requests must be submitted on a Special Processing Form to the CLAS Advising office for approval

Please consult your major department advisor for more details regarding independent study and directed research projects.

Examples of recent independent study and directed research projects:

"Electrical Power Production by Electrogenic Bacteria"

"Neural Circuitry During Voluntary Exercise"

"Origins of Angels: Gnostic Literature"

"Readings in Contemporary Political Theory"

"Agricultural Development in Central America"

"The Burial of Theme: Horror's Disguise of Discussion"

"Television Theory, History and Criticism"

"Student Labor Solidarity on Campus"

"Contemporary Metaphysics and Epistemology"

"Bisexual Exclusion"

"Self-Concept and Sports"

"Celestial Basis of Religion"

"Changes in Gender Roles in Modern Hunters and Gatherers of the World"

"Methylation of Oxytocin Receptor Gene and Altruism"

"Traditional and Modern Death in Thai Culture"

"Understanding, Acceptance and Adoption of the Residential Food Waste Composting Program in Denver"

"Autonomic Nervous System and Executive Function"

"Writing the Feminine in France and North Africa"

"Drugs at the Campsite: New Age Drug Use and the Nitrous Mafia"

"Regulation of Pavement Ant Aggression"

"Applying Support Vector Machine in Thyroid Disease"