Health and Behavioral Sciences Programs

  • Public Health Degrees Offered: B.A., B.S., Minor, MPH

  • Graduate Degrees Offered: MPH, Ph.D.

  • Contact: (303) 315-7157

  •  Website: Health and Behavioral Sciences

Health and Behavioral Sciences

The Health and Behavioral Sciences Department's mission is to apply social science theory and innovative research methods to critically address emerging issues in health. The department offers two undergraduate programs, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science, and two minors in public health and demography. The B.A. program prepares students to specialize in social sciences and public health, while the B.S. program prepares students to specialize in natural sciences and public health. It also offers a Ph.D. in Health and Behavioral Sciences. The program integrates social, behavioral, and health science perspectives, while allowing the student to select and fully develop a particular research interest and professional career within the health and behavioral sciences. The department also recently launched a five-year Master's in Public Health in partnership with the Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH).