1 - Select a complementary minor and acquire additional key skills, expanding the diversity of your toolbox. Some examples include:

                        ~Business Fundamentals
                        ~Digital Design
                        ~Environmental Science
                        ~Ethnic Studies
                        ~French, German, and Spanish language and culture studies
                        ~Nonprofit Management
                        ~Urban and Regional Planning
                        ~Women’s and Gender Studies (the Sociology Department also offers an internal Gender and Society Concentration)

2 - Complete an internship while you are an undergraduate. Even if the internship isn’t directly in your field of future employment, it will be recognized as concrete, real world experience, which is something employers are looking for. Extensive volunteer experience and work experience count as well.

3 - Utilize the great resources made available to students at the undergraduate level, including the Career Center, Experiential Learning Center, Academic Advising Office, and others. It is also important for students to cultivate connections with their sociology department faculty members who will be writing letters of recommendation down the road.

4 – Participate in a Study Abroad Program. In this way students can demonstrate expanded cultural awareness and an ability to connect and operate in an increasingly globalized world.

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