INTS students are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad (generally, one or more semesters) or travel study program (generally, two weeks or more) in the region they choose as their specialization. These programs can be life-changing, and students should try to incorporate international travel and study into their degrees. Study abroad opportunities include (but are not limited to):

Semester in Beijing
With CU Denver's Semester in Beijing, students have the opportunity to study and live in Beijing, China. Unique among university programs, Chinese, American, and other international students study together in English at China Agricultural University’s International College at Beijing by University of Colorado Denver appointed faculty.​ Courses taken at ICB count as CU Denver credits.

Sustainability in Berlin
As a global leader in sustainability, the world looks to Germany to learn from its successful efforts in the face of many environmental challenges. Both undergraduate and graduate students now have an amazing opportunity to be a part of this work through the Sustainability in Berlin semester program.  

Travel Study opportunities may include (but are not limited to):

  •     Field School Tanzania (Summer)
  •     International Development in East Africa: Uganda & Rwanda​ (Maymester)
  •     Narratives of the New China: Engagement & Exploration (Maymester)
  •     Window on Ch​ina (Maymester)
  •     Korea Goes Global​ (Summer)
  •     Sustainable Development & Health in Bhutan (Summer)
  •     Food Fight in Spain​ (Winterim)
  •     Italy - Managing Across Cultures (Maymester)
  •     The Victorian Metropolis: London (Maymester)
  •     Foundation & Innovation: Culture & Science in France (Maymester)
  •     Leadership Through a Third Eye: Costa Rica  (Maymester)
  •     The Costa Rican Experience (Maymester)
  •     Nobel Cause: Peace and Justice in Guatemala (Maymester)

Although CU Denver's short-term travel study programs and semester-long programs​​ serve the needs of the vast majority of our students who go abroad, students are also able to study abroad through approved third-party providers (see Office of Global Education).

Please note that an INTS advisor must approve the study program in advance and no more than 18 credit hours from a study abroad program can apply to the major. Study abroad programs or travel study courses that are CU courses (rather than third-party programs and courses) will count toward the residency requirement for the major. Students should contact the Office of Global Education for more information concerning study abroad and travel study opportunities (located on the 9th floor of the Lawrence Street Center, 303.315.2230).