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Diplomat-in-Residence, Stewart Devine, speaks with students at the Careers in International Studies event.
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International Studies

In a world where politics, commerce, culture, and technology converge, CU Denver's Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (INTS) provides students with a much-needed global perspective. Our interdisciplinary, undergraduate BA program, or combined BA+MA programs, prepare students for international careers and graduate study by offering students a deep understanding of the complex international issues and underlying drivers that shape our world today. Employers actively seek the qualities of our INTS graduates:

  • cross-cultural competence
  • regional historical knowledge
  • research capabilities
  • diverse teamwork and leadership experience
  • the ability to analyze, model, and solve real-world problems in an international context

The CU Denver INTS major provides students the tools necessary to analyze various regions of the world and global issues from different academic disciplines. Students take courses from many departments including Anthropology, Business, Communication, Economics, Geography, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, and Religious Studies, among others. The program's combination of coursework, flexibility, and customization provides INTS majors a distinctive and valuable degree for today’s world.

Some of the titles of recent INTS program graduates include: Assistant Project Officer at World Meteorological Organization; International Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator; Co-Project Lead at English4Refugees; Clinical Research Coordinator; and Case Reviewer at CACI International. Check out our Alumni page and social media links to learn more.