The courses listed in the linked PDFs may be counted toward INTS major degree requirements. The courses are organized in terms of Focus Themes and Zones of Expertise.

Course offerings are provided by INTS contributing departments and may be updated or partially complete. Also, some contributing departments have not provided frequency information. This information will be updated each year and is provided for students' planning.

Courses that may count for the INTS minor are found here (additional or alterantive upper-divsion courses may be counted for ICB students, please contact an advisor): INTS Minor Course List

To aid in students' planning, INTS assembles selected courses offered each semester: Contact an advisor for a current list.

Because INTS draws from courses across the University, there may occasionally be courses offered that do not appear on these lists. If you would like to see whether a course might count for the major, please contact the International Studies Program Assistant Director, Alison Shah (; 303.315.3562).