Commencement PicInformation from alumni survey:

What kinds of job titles might you expect from our program?
  • Employment Developer 
  • Study Abroad Coordinator 
  • Foreign Language Technology Specialist and Telecollaboration Consultant
  • Cryptologic Linguist
  • Junior Attorney
  • Dean of Students
  • Analyst
  • Social Science Research Professional
  • Bilingual Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Program Outreach Manager
  • Parent Coordinator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Youth Literacy Advisor
  • Auxiliar de Conversación en la Comunidad de Madrid
  • Regulatory Specialist
Highest level of education:

From a small group of self reported alumni, 50% completed a Masters. 25% are in the process of completing a PhD program, and 25% completed the BA only.

Languages our alumni speak:

Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Patois, Catalan, Arabic, Slovak, Hmong

Countries/regions where our alumni have visited:

Germany, England, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Costa Rica, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Afghanistan 

Countries where our alumni have lived:

Nicaragua, France, Jamaica, Spain; number of alumni who self reported currently working and living abroad: 2 (Spain and Jamaica) 


Alumni Profiles