Math Clinic

How it Works

The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences of the University of ​Colorado Denver offers mathematics clinics as three-credit courses for students in the undergraduate and graduate applied math programs. Each clinic is designed as an educational mechanism for illustrating the applicability and utility of mathematics in many problem areas in private and public sectors.


​Each clinic is conducted as a research team, with the faculty acting as the team leader and the students working with each other to define specific tasks and strategies for achieving the clinic's goals. Most clinics are done in one semester, and some require an entire academic year. Most clinics require expertise from other disciplines such as engineering, economics, computer science and/or biology.

There are thus three partners in each clinic:

  • Faculty: teaches as part of course load, expecting to apply math skills to application of interest, thereby advancing his/her research achievements, learning new things, and working with students who assist this advancement.
  • Student: takes as part of accredited program in applied math, expecting to learn not only the specific subject of the clinic, but, more generally, communication and other skills that transfer to professional conduct.
  • Sponsor: becomes part of the clinic and gains access to the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences faculty and students, providing funds and other resources to ensure the clinic's success.

The specific goals of the clinic:

  • provide faculty and students with opportunities to apply their analytical skills to various problems in business and government
  • provide businesses and government agencies with access to a vibrant research community
  • enhance student academic training with practical problem-solving experience necessary for obtaining rewarding careers in the community
  • work closely with clients on projects requiring imaginative, quantitatively oriented skills
  • increase collaboration between the university and other sectors of the community for the benefit of all participants


The Math Clinic began at Claremont Graduate University about 1960 and at Harvey Mudd College about 1973. It was introduced here in 1982 by Daryl Hicks. Weldon Lodwick assumed the directorship in 1983, and clinics began to become a regular part of the UC Denver curriculum​. Harvey Greenberg became the Clinic Director in 1984, and clinics became one of the few required courses in the PhD program that began in 1986. See the list of clinics completed since 2009 to appreciate the diversity and growing success of the clinic program.

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