Published: Dec. 18, 2018

The 2018 SACNAS Conference, held in San Antonio, Texas was a huge success for our MARC Students!

Lisette Martinez, Tania Kovacevic, Nicolette Moya, and Matthew Mitchell Each won Travel Awards to the event!

CONGRATULATIONS to our First Place NATIONAL winners!

Aleezah Balolia- 1st Place in Neuroscience!

Ryan Leman- 1st Place in Psychology!

Jonte Roberts- 1st Place in Cognitive Neuroscience

We are so proud of you all!

Matt Presenting at SACNAS 2018 Aleeza presenting at SACNAS 2018 Ryan Presenting at SACNAS 2018 Danny Presenting at SACNAS 2018 Lisette Presenting at SACNAS 2018 Cristiana presenting at SACNAS 2018 Nikki Presenting at SACNAS 2018  Baris Presenting_SACNAS 2018 Tanja presenting at SACNAS 2018 Jonte Presenting at SACNAS 2018 SACNAS Award winners with Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Allen Group Photo_SACNAS 2018 with Dr. Allen Having Fun at SACNAS 2018 Matt, Lisette, and Aleeza at SACNAS 2018 The Whole Group at SACNAS 2018