All International Studies majors must demonstrate a proficiency in a language other than English. We recommend that students fulfill their language requirement with a language from the geographic region that they will use to fulfill their Zone of Expertise. There are several ways to fulfill the language requirement.

  • Successful completion of the fourth semester of a college-level foreign language course (2000-level) with grade of C- or better. 
  • Students have the option of demonstrating the required proficiency through placement testing in the Modern Languages Deparment located in Plaza Building, Suite 118.
  • Successful completion of an upper division course (3000 or above) taught in a foreign language at the university level. 
  • Successful completion of courses from semester-long Study Abroad program when the courses are taught in a language other than English with a grade of “C” or better.
  • Completion of high school in a language other than English.​

For more information about language courses visit the Modern Languages Department.

Click here​ for information on demonstrating proficiency in a language not offered by CU Denver.