Placement Testing

The foreign language placement exam may be taken by:

UC Denver students seeking to demonstrate proficiency in order to fulfill the M.A.P.S. entrance requirement. Students seeking degrees that require language proficiency beyond this minimum should inform themselves of the exact requirements. Various schools within UC Denver such as the School of Business (third semester proficiency) or International Business (fourth semester proficiency) have different semester requirements. Be sure to consult with an academic advisor in your program.

Languages Tested

The Department of Modern Languages currently offers placement exams in:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
Fall Semester--***This Fall 2020 Semester the lab will remain CLOSED for the semester***

During this semester in oder to take the Placement Test(online), please get in touch with:

When the Lab Reopens: Testing is available in Modern Languages Computer Lab, located in Plaza 115. See Computer Lab under "Info for Students" menu for hours of operation.

Aquiring Documentation of Proficiency for Other Languages:

If you need to document proficiency in a language that we do not offer you may do one of the following:

  1. Provide school transcripts from abroad from the country where you attended high school or junior high school (elementary school is not acceptable).
  2. Provide a letter on official letterhead from a community leader (business professional, physician, clergy, educatior) from your country who will state his/her relationship to you and can testify to your ability to speak, read and write the language.
  3. Obtain testing in your language from another university that can certify your semester proficiency level in reading, writing and speaking of the language.

If you can not meet one of the above options, please contact the department at (303) 315-7234

Students taking the exam will receive no academic credit, but only a document of language proficiency showing your level based upon the score you earned.

Administration of the Language Placement Exams

******During the school closure  because of the Covid-19, the test will be given online. Please get in touch with

Tests will be given in the Language Lab, Plaza 115, during the hours of operation.

The test will take at least 20 minutes.

You must have a current UC Denver photo/ID with you, and fill out the Placement Test Log. The use of dictionaries, texbooks or any other kind of help is strictly prohibited.

The Placement Test may be taken only once per semester.

The test is administered to UC Denver students only and is free of charge.

Upon completion of test, student should print results to share with an advisor. Documentation of test scores are required for placement in any level higher than a 1010 course, or for satisfaction of two semester proficiency requirement.

If you have any questions please email:; or call: 303-315-7234.