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Where can I find Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor Office Hours?

Appointments for Undergraduate Advising can be made HERE

Graduate Program Advisor, Dr. Mike Wunder

Contact Information and office hours for all faculty and staff can be found on the People pages. Please schedule all appointments directly with the faculty.

Where can I find information about the Integrative Biology Bachelor of Science Degree?

Click on the following links to  find information about the Department's Bachelor of Science Degree

Major and Minor degree requirements



Student Resources

Where can I find information about the Integrative Biology's Graduate Program?

The Department of Integrative Biology offers a Master of Science (MS) in Biology and a doctoral program (PHD) in Integrative and Systems Biology. Our program faculty represent various campus departments and community affiliates.  Students have access to unique opportunities and resources at both the Downtown Denver and Anschutz Medical Campuses. Prospective students should visit with our Graduate Program Faculty to determine research availability in specific fields of specialization.

Please visit the Graduate Program website for more detailed information about admissions and degree requirements.

Where can I find information about Certificates offered by Integrative Biology

The Department of Integrative Biology offers two certificates for undergraduate students:

Biotechnology Certificate

Environmental Stewardship of Indigenous Lands (ESIL) certificate 


Where can I find information about the Integrative Biology's Internships?


Internships (BIOL 3939)

What Are Internships in the Department of Integrative Biology at CU Denver?

Internships offer opportunities to obtain hands-on experience and link coursework studies with the world of work.  Whether preparing for a job search or applying to a professional school after graduation, internships offer a means to increase marketability.  They can increase clinical experience hours, enhance a resume, and add substance to future interviews or applications.  Students who are interested may earn up to three credits per semester, (up to six credits total) of upper division credit by enrolling in BIOL 3939 Internship or Independent Study or Directed Study credits.

Please visit the Internships webpage for more detailed information 

Where can I find information about Independent Study, BIOL (2840, 3840 or 4840) and/or Directed Research (BIOL 4880)

You can find more information about Independent Study and/or Direct Research, including a link to our list of Faculty, HERE.

How do I request a syllabus for current classes or a class I have previously taken?

To request a syllabus for a current class or one previously offered, please fill out this form.

We will do our best to send you the most accurate copy we have available in our archive to accommodate your request.  If there is no syllabus available, you will have to contact the Instructor directly and ask them for a copy of the syllabus.

Where can I find a listing of the courses offered each semester?

A list of the current semester courses and previous semester courses can be accessed here.