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Our department offers BS, MS, and PhD degree programs, with opportunities for students to specialize in a range of fields.  In addition, we offer two undergraduate certificates in Biotechnology and in Environmental Stewardship of Indigenous Lands (ESIL).


Seminar Series

Dr. Deane Bowers
University of Colorado Boulder

When: Friday, Oct. 19th
Where: SI 1117 at Noon

"Eating and Being Eaten: Chemical Ecology of Multi-trophic Interactions”

The focus of this seminar is the ecology and evolution of insect diet breadth. It will describe how variation in plant defense compounds can influence not only the insects that feed on those plants, but also the enemies of those herbivores. It will also show how incorporating novel host plants into the diet of native herbivores can affect these multi-trophic interactions.


Everyone is welcome to the seminar. If you would like to meet with the speaker, please email Dr. Greg Ragland at gregory.ragland@ucdenver.edu.