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Interim Chair's Message

In the Department of Integrative Biology, our students have the opportunity to undertake instruction, research, and mentorship from dynamic faculty, studying both basic and applied problems in science.  Through collaborative research opportunities, our students receive a comprehensive and individualized education.  If you’re a prospective student, I encourage you to examine our curricula, labs, and faculty profiles to learn more. 

Dr. Diana Tomback, Interim Chair




Welcome to the Department of Integrative Biology

We offer research-based programs that prepare our students to become critical problem solvers. We recognize science not as a collection of facts, but as a process designed to help students make informed decisions about the nature of evidence. Our faculty are funded in cutting-edge research in a broad range of biological disciplines and our community of students actively engage in research learning environments that encourage publication and job training.  

Our department offers BS, MS, and PhD degree programs, with opportunities for students to specialize in a range of fields. 

In addition, we offer two undergraduate certificates in Biotechnology and in Environmental Stewardship of Indigenous Lands (ESIL).

Appointments for Undergraduate Advising can be made HERE

Contact Information and office hours for faculty and staff can be found on our faculty profile pages. Please schedule all appointments directly with the faculty.

Land Acknowledgement 

“We honor and acknowledge that we are on the traditional territories and ancestral homelands of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Ute nations. The area on which this campus resides was an epicenter for trade, information sharing, planning for the future, community, family and ally building, as well as conducting healing ceremonies for over 45 Indigenous Nations, including the Lakota, Kiowa, Comanche, Apache, Shoshone, Paiute, Zuni, Hopi among others."

“We must recognize Indigenous peoples as the original inhabitants and stewards of this land. As these words of acknowledgment are spoken and heard, remember the ties these nations still have to their traditional homelands. Let us acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory and pay our respect to the diverse Indigenous peoples still connected to this land. We give thanks to all Tribal Nations and the ancestors of this place.”

-Grace RedShirt Tyon