Previous Award Recipients

2023 Spring Outstanding Undergraduates

Outstanding Undergraduate Alexandra Reyes Amaya

My name is Alexandra Reyes Amaya (she/her). I am graduating this year with my BA in Public Health and minoring in Ethnic Studies and Psychology. I have been accepted into the Colorado School of Public Health and will be working towards my MPH in Global Health Systems, Management, and Policy. My goal is to work on policy-level public health change that will reduce disparities experienced in the US and globally. I am committed to improving the health of others and I am really excited for my next steps in Public Health. 

Outstanding Undergraduate Kathleen Le

I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a minor in Business Fundamentals. I am also part of the 5-Year BA/BS-MPH program with CU Denver and the Colorado School of Public Health. My selected concentration is in Health Systems, Management, and Policy. Upon graduation, I hope to pursue a career in Healthcare Management and Administration. I am very honored to have been awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate in B.S. PBHL Award. 

2021 Fall Outstanding Undergraduates

Outstanding Undergraduate Amy Vermette

When I had the opportunity return to college and finish my undergraduate degree, my only expectations were to always try my best and hopefully graduate ready to get a job. I had no way of knowing that being a student of Public Health at CU Denver was going to be one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I am extremely grateful for my inspiring and supportive professors who have helped me along this journey. It’s because of this team effort that I truly feel I am graduating not only ready to be a professional in the field of Public Health, but as an improved, and more well-rounded person over-all.

2021 Spring Outstanding Undergraduates

Outstanding Undergraduate Kate Fitch

I came into the Public Health program at CU Denver unsure if I would even be able to finish college. However, even in the large introductory courses in the department, I was seen, encouraged, and told that I could. Through my coursework, research training, and mentorships with faculty members like Dr. jimi adams, I have been able to carve out my path forward in public health. I am incredibly lucky to have met and worked with so many inspiring and encouraging people throughout my time here and I will be a proud representative of CU Denver in my doctoral program next semester.  

Outstanding Undergraduate Ebtesam Mohammed

I am honored to have been selected as a recipient for the 2021 Spring Outstanding Undergraduate in Public Health Award. The Public Health Program at CU Denver, along with its incredible faculty, have transformed me not only as a student but as an individual. It has worked to cultivate my critical thinking skills and has allowed for me to employ a myriad of perspectives when looking at any situation, giving me an invaluable strength. Its holistic approach to understanding the health and well-being of populations has allowed me the opportunity of turning my passions of affecting palpable, upstream change into a tangible reality. My enduring gratitude goes out to every faculty member I have had the honor of learning from in this program. As bittersweet as leaving the program will be, I am thrilled to implement the wealth of knowledge that I have been given to catalyze change, not only within my community, but globally.

Finalist Kavya Ganuthula

Throughout my time as a student in CU Denver's Public Health Department, I have felt supported along every step of the way. My professors, TA's, and the administrative staff have helped me thrive both academically and professionally. I am extremely grateful to have partaken in a curriculum which helped me cultivate my passion for community health and policy, and I am so excited to take these skills along with me into medical school this fall. An education in public health has provided me a unique perspective through which I hope to strengthen my advocacy and dismantle structures perpetuatins social inequities.

Finalist Erin Liedtke

Reflecting on my experience with the Public Health Program at CU Denver, I am incredibly grateful for the passionate professors, rigorous course work and research opportunities I have had over the past 4 years. This curriculum has encouraged me to think critically about how to address health disparities in my community and fostered my passion for women's health equity. I have become a more culturally competent, empathetic, higher level, and critical thinker due to the diverse experiences of my peers and the coursework required of this major. I can't wait to use everything I have learned in this program and apply it to my future career.

Finalist Karely Villarreal Hernandez

Going into college I truly believed that to change the world of healthcare you needed to become a doctor, but then I came across public health. The Public Health program at CU Denver has taught me that people are truly the ones in power and the curriculum at CU Denver truly reflects that. I have learned how public health workers can provide life-changing tools for communities and I am excited to continue my commitment to Public Health. I am thankful for the support from my family and all my mentors at CU Denver and at CU Anschutz. Thank you for always believing in me. 

2020 Fall Outstanding Undergraduates

Outstanding Undergraduate Austin Chavez

The Public Health Program here at CU Denver has granted me the opportunity to not only fulfill prerequisites for medical school, but simultaneously learn the importance and implications Public Health has not only at a community level but an individual one as well. The challenging professors and course load forced me to think critically and always consider the complexity of issues facing Public Health as many dimensions must be addressed for a successful intervention. This program has set me up to use my voice as an advocate for the underserved as a Public Health Practitioner and future Physician which I could not thank CU enough for.  

Austin's Feature in CU Denver News

Outstanding Undergraduate Jessica Guerra

In a class of over 100 I was visible. In a class of 100 during my introduction to public health class, I would tell my professor what I wanted to with my career. She would say “I’ll get you there”. This is what the public health department at the University of Colorado Denver was to me.  That professor took the time and years later would be the one to write my letter of recommendation for a Master of Public Health Application. This department truly sees you, listens to you, and provides the tools you’ll need on your path. As my time here comes to end, I look back with warmth and gratitude and I feel forever indebted to the many caring and talented individuals that taught me on my journey. As I continue, I will lead by your examples. As a public health practitioner I will strive to teach, listen, and truly make those near me feel visible.

Jessica's Feature in CU Denver News

2020 Spring Outstanding Undergraduates

Outstanding Undergraduate Jennifer Pham

The Public Health Program here at CU Denver has been an incredible journey to take part in for my four years here. Now that I am graduating this Spring of 2020, I find myself reflecting on the wonderful courses, inspiring professors, and valuable experiences that Public Health has provided me to continue my education into graduate school. Not many people realize the social determinants of health we live in affect our well-being which can be long-term. Being able to guide others that are vulnerable in gaining access to care is one where this program helped me achieve. Going into Public Health has taught me that through education, empowerment, and advocacy, the world can be a place where health disparities are sparse, and health equity can be achieved for all.  

Outstanding Undergraduate Lisette Martinez

My experiences in the public health program here at the University of Colorado Denver have been great and have allowed me to grow as a PBHL student, researcher, and innovator. By taking an interdisciplinary course load and approach in my undergraduate studies, I've been challenged to expand my skills and ways of thinking. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to study under professors in our department with really amazing experiences which informed their teaching. I've also had the privilege of working as a research assistant with Dr. Yeatman and her team, an experience that's reshaped the way I think of community partnerships within public health. I'm thankful for my time in the program and look forward to my next steps as I complete my degree this spring.

Finalist Kelsey Martin

The public health program at CU Denver has opened my eyes to an entirely different perspective on healthcare and the actions we can take to better the lives of many. I'm thankful for the opportunity I was given when I transferred to CU Denver and hope to make an impact for good with my degree in public health. I couldn't have done it without the support of my teachers, peers, family, and savior Jesus Christ.

Finalist Safa Mechergui

I am so thankful to be been selected as a finalist for the 2020 Spring Outstanding Undergraduate in Public Health Award, the public health faculty and curriculum has contributed so much to my advancement as a public health student and researcher. Our public health curriculum encouraged me to apply my learning into community health action and to show responsibility for the health of our own Colorado communities. I deeply thank Dr. Yeatman, Marisa Westbrook, and Dr. Scandlyn for being amazing mentors for me during my time at UC Denver and the best support system I could ever ask for.