CU Denver is part of the Colorado state-wide ESRI site license that is administered at the state-level by Colorado State University (CSU). The CU Denver portion is administered by the FAST Lab. The license is paid for by student program fees and system funds from participating CU Denver institutions. All CU Denver colleges can elect to participate for a minimal investment. The more colleges that pay into the site license, the lower the cost is for everyone. Authorized users from participating colleges have the right to access and use all included software programs and data sets. Authorized users are defined as registered students, faculty, staff and subcontractors. All use of software must be non-commercial in nature and serving educational, academic, administrative, or research purposes. Use of the software for profit or gain is strictly prohibited.

Obtaining Software and Licenses

Students currently taking one or more classes in the FAST Lab may submit software, data or license requests directly to the FAST Lab.

All other students, faculty and administrators must contact the authorized ESRI caller for their respective college. These contacts for 2018 are:

  • Business School:
  • College of Architecture and Planning: Mike Harring | Information Technology Manager
  • College of Arts and Media: Michael Gualtieri | IT Professional
  • College of Engineering: Kenny Sisco | Senior IT Professional, Deans Office
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Suzy Anderson | Assistant Coordinator, FAST
  • Colorado School of Public Health: Rachael Larson | Anschutz Medical Campus Desktop Support Analyist
  • School of Education: Theo Zion | Information Tech Specialist
  • School of Medicine: Rachel Larson | AMC Desktop Support Analyist
  • School of Public Affairs: Rob Drouillard | Director of Information Technology
  • Auraria Library: Diane Fritz | Geospatial Service Specialist

Available Products

ESRI publishes a complete list of software available under our educational license. Please note that certain application have limited or restricted usage and that software access depends on each college’s respective purchase agreement with the FAST Lab. For pricing and purchasing information, please contact Suzanne Anderson, CU Denver ESRI Site License Coordinator.

Limited Access: Colleges that elect to pay into the CU Denver site license will have access to download and license all current ArcGIS Desktop versions which include the 3D Analyst, Data Interoperability, Geostatistical Analyst, Network Analyst, Publisher, Schematics, Spatial Analyst, and Tracking Analyst extensions. Additional downloads include ArcGIS Server, ESRI Roads and Highways data and ESRI City Engine.

Standard Access: Some ESRI’s products and data packages require further authorization and licensing support in addition to the license included with ArcGIS for Desktop. This includes all Business Analyst extensions, Business Analyst with 2016 US Data, ArcPAD, TomTom Street Map Premium and numerous other advanced data sets. These licenses are only available by contacting the appropriate ESRI customer support agent associated with our site license and require a designated ESRI Authorized Caller from each participating college. The FAST Lab can only act at the authorized caller for CLAS.

Extended Access with ArcGIS Online: ArcGIS Online and Acr PRo are burgeoning products included in our site license that offer an increasing number of mapping and analysis tools. Unfortunately, the front-end functionality of ArcGIS Online has far outpaced the back-end administrative tool sets it provides, making it very complicated and time consuming for us to manage users, groups and geoprocessing credits. We are currently developing policies and procedures for how to best manage our ArcGIS Online university account. All colleges that participate in our site license will have the right to use our account, however we respectfully ask that when requesting access, all eligible faculty or students be prepared to review our policies in detail and work with us directly to make the process as simple as possible for everyone.

Student Versions of ArcGIS

Esri offers ArcGIS for Desktop software with a one-year license for use by students at colleges and universities. Instructors and contracted Site License Coordinators at the CU Denver may request software for students at no additional cost. Instructors and Site License Coordinators are responsible for distributing software to their students and providing technical support for their respective students and departments. Students should talk to their course instructor to obtain this software. Instructors can order digital or hard copies of ArcGIS software by filling out this online form.

Technical Support

The FAST Lab is unable to provide IT support for downloading, installing, licensing or operating ArcGIS or other ESRI software on personal computers. We continue to post instructional and troubleshooting documentation on our Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions pages. Under our site license agreement, only registered Authorized Callers are allowed to submit support requests to ESRI for software or data issues. Please contact your college’s authorized ESRI contact with support questions. More information on the CU Denver site license policies.