esri logo globe with latitude and longitude linesIntroduction to Esri ArcGIS Pro for Urban Planning Applications

Description: These tutorials include an introduction to the use of geo-spatial and design software in the planning profession

Author: Adison Petti, FAST Lab Student Geospatial Consultant and Master of Urban and Regional Planning Candidate

Tutorial 1: How to Find Open Data and Connect to it in ArcGIS Pro

Tutorial 2: Spatial Reference and Projection in ArcGIS Pro

Tutorial 3: Intro to Metadata and Attribute Tables

Tutorial 4: Visualize and Present Data Using Symbology and Layouts

Tutorial 5: Create a Basemap for Planning Methods or Studio Work

esri logo globe with latitude and longitude linesSpecific Topics Explored in Esri ArcGIS Pro

Description: These tutorials explore specific use-cases or certain tools within ArcGIS Pro. They assume a working familiarity with ArcGIS Pro.

Author: Tutorials created by FAST Lab student geospatial consultants

Using Census Data in ArcGIS Pro

Introduction to Network Analysis