Who would benefit from Geospatial Consulting?

You do not need to be a GIS or tech wizard to call us. We are happy to discuss how geospatial thinking and tools apply to your project or discipline.

Give us a call to troubleshoot geospatial software and tools or drop in to discuss your lab assignments with consultants and peers after class.

From geospatial methodologies to data visualization and analysis, FAST consultants are here to help strengthen your research and deliverables.

FAST supports a multidisciplinary approach to collaboration. As such, we strive to model geospatial excellence through participatory planning and social justice initiatives. We welcome opportunities to incorporate perspectives based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic status, community organizing, or other issues you care about. Students, faculty and community partners with an interest in these topic are encouraged to connect to with us.

Connect with Student Geospatial Consultants on Zoom

Email FAST@UCDenver.edu to receive a drop-in link or refer to Canvas document posted by your professor. Individual consulting times are generally 30 minutes. Before starting a Zoom consultation, please have any needed GIS software up and running on your computer. If you are working through a lab assignment, please email it to us so we can follow along. You are also welcome and encouraged to utilize drop-in hours to collaborate with your peers. Consultants have capability to to place groups (focused study groups, for example) in their own zoom room.

Fall 2021 geospatial consulting schedule:

The FAST Lab and all associated consulting services will be closed/unavailable Thursday and Friday of Fall Break, November 25th and 26th.

Sunday Aletha 10am to 5pm on zoom only, Monday Aletha 10am to noon, Abner noon to 5pm, Adison and Ari on zoom or in person 5pm to 9pm, Tuesday Adison 10am to 1pm, rod 1pm to 5pm, Ari and Aletha on zoom or in person 5pm to 9pm, Wednesday Adison 10am to 1pm, rod 1pm to 5pm, Ari and rod on zoom or in person 5pm to 9pm, Thursday Abner 10am to 1pm, Adison 1pm to 5pm, Adison and Abner on zoom or in person 5pm to 9pm, Friday rod 8am to 5pm, Saturday Abner on zoom only 10am to 6pm

Get to know our consultants: