Introduction to Esri ArcGIS for Urban Planning Applications

Description: These tutorials include an introduction to the use of geo-spatial and design software in the planning profession

Authors: Michael Hinke and Travis Flohr, College of Architecture and Planning

Getting Started

Introduction to Technology Workshop Video

How to install ArcGIS 10.1-10.3 on your (personal) Windows computer


GIS Data Download (click here) **Keep this data to use with all GIS tutorials

Streets Data Download (click here)

Free and Open Source 7-Zip Software Utility Download

Introduction to GIS, Data, and ArcGIS Desktop

Video 001: What is GIS?

Video 002: Types of GIS Data

Video 003: Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop

Video 004: Managing GIS Data and Unzipping Zipfiles

Readings and References:

Introduction to the Basics of ArcMAP

Video 005: Introduction to ArcMAP

Video 006: Folder Connections and Adding Data to Your Map

Video 007: Introduction to Attribute Tables

Putting the Pieces Together and Making a Map

Refresher 001: Opening ArcMap, and Adding Data to ArcMap

Video 008: Your First Map – Basic Symbology

Video 009: Making a Map: Adding Map Elements and Labels

Video 010: ESRI Provided Base Maps