US Visa Policies

The I-94 card is an arrival/departure card that is now electronic. The I-94 admission information is the official record that the student has entered the United States and that he/she is here legally under a nonimmigrant status.​

Certain regulations apply when travelling inside or outside of the US. Students must have their immigration documents with them when traveling. Immigration documents are I-20, Passport, Visa, and I-94 card. A signature on the third page of the Form I-20 may also be required if leaving the country. This signature should be from the ESL Program Coordinator or the SEVIS Coordinator, and not older than 6 months when the student is re-entering the U.S.​​

Students who plan to transfer to another school or change to a degree seeking program at CU​ Denver should schedule an appointment with the SEVIS Coordinator immediately.

A student is eligible to take a vacation term after having successfully completed four academic terms. If a student wishes to take a vacation term prior to having completed four academic terms, then the student will need to meet with ISSS to complete the stop out process. ISSS will then terminate the student’s SEVIS record for Authorized Early Withdrawal and the student will need to request a new I-20 and pay the SEVIS fee again in order to return to the ESL Academy.​

Before entering the United States, students must have a government-issued passport. The passport has an expiration date and must be valid throughout the scheduled stay. If the passport is going to expire during the student’s stay in the United States, the student must renew it with his or her country’s embassy in the U.S. at least 6 months before it expires.​​

To enter the United States, the American Embassy must have granted the students a Visa which is placed in the student’s passport prior to entering this country. It shows the following:
  • Visa status: Common ones are F-1 (student), J-1 (exchange visitor).
  • Number of Entries: The number of times an individual is permitted to enter the United States. This may be once, twice or multiple times.
  • Date to which visa is valid: This is the last day an individual may use this visa to enter the United States. After this date, the students must get a new visa if she/he is planning on re-entering the United States. A valid visa is not required to stay in the United States.
  • School attending: The name of the school the student is attending which is also stated on the Form I-20.