​Graduation is a wonderful event held at the ESL Academy​. This is the time to celebrate each student for his/her hard work and a job well done. Students, staff, family and friends all come together to acknowledge and congratulate​ the students for finishing this challenging step in his/her academic career. We invite guest speakers, have students speak, and award certificates. After the ceremony, there will be food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. You can check out our calendar​ for graduation dates.

ESL Academy graduates...

  • are able to write a 10-page research paper using APA or MLA formatting
  • can present research effectively using technology to a large audience
  • know the scholarly requirements in their American degree-program
  • write accurate essays in the American academic style
  • use culturally appropriate interpersonal skills to make friends
  • are familiar with the University of Colorado Denver buildings, resources, and student services