Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the ESL Academy at CU Denver. Unfortunately, we are not accepting new volunteers, but we encourage applicants to submit their information for future consideration. This application is designed to ensure that the volunteer experience will be mutually beneficial. We want the experience to be universally enriching -- for you, our students and staff.

There are four different types of volunteer positions available. Please read each description, including the prerequisites, to see which position is right for you.

Position Descriptions

Conversation Partner

Conversation Partners are volunteers who help run the ESL Academy's Conversation Club. Conversation Club is a place for students to practice informal conversation skills with native speakers outside of the classroom. The club meets once a week from 2-3 pm. Conversation Partners will be given a topic each week to help facilitate the conversation in a small group setting. These volunteers are expected to attend the training session and talk with students in a way that is sensitive and inclusive.


Tutors are those who would like to volunteer their time editing student essays, helping with vocabulary, teaching small groups of students specific, guided grammar points, reviewing student homework, or engaging students in conversation to practice verbal skills. Preferred candidates will be part of a Master's degree program in TESOL or a TESOL Certificate program and are expected to be willing to work with an English Language Specialist in the ESL Academy to guide them through questions which may arise during the tutoring process.

Class Observer

Class Observers are those who would like to learn more about the trade and nuances of teaching English as a Second Language. There is no overt expectation of Observers except that they observe quietly, take notes which do not disclose the identity of particular students, and ask questions of the English Language Specialists in the ESL Academy after class. Those currently seeking a Master's degree in TESOL or a TESOL Certificate at CU Denver are particularly welcome to observe.

Special Project Assistant

Special Project Assistants are those who bring a unique talent, such as writing grants, to the ESL Academy. They are expected to work with the Director in a professional manner to the benefit of both parties.

Agreement & Disclaimer

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