The English Department at the University of Colorado Denver now offers a Graduate Certificate in Teaching College-level Literature and Film. It fulfills the increasing needs of educators seeking to deepen and to broaden their content specialization. It allows an English Masters Candidate to specialize in an area of study additional to the primary area of degree focus.

The certificate does not grant state licensure. It ensures competency for those who already are licensed, provides documentation in expertise for those teaching in community colleges, and enables specialization for those with Master degrees in related fields (i.e. Rhetoric, Composition, Literature, Film Studies, Humanities, Education).

General Requirements:

All candidates must possess a Bachelors of Arts in any field. Must maintain a 3.0 GPA with no courses below a B-. All courses must be taken at the graduate level. 18 credit hours are required to obtain this certificate.

Additional Information:

Additional Information about the Graduate Certificate in Teaching College-level Literature and Film may be obtained from:

Nancy Ciccone, Associate Professor, Graduate Director

Office: 1015 Ninth Street Park, Office 102

Phone: 303-315-7833



I. Required Courses (9 credit hours) 

  • ENGL 5100, Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • ENGL 5145, Literary and Rhetorical Theory
  • ENGL 5155, Genres of Writing

II. Electives (9 credit hours)

  •  Choose 3 graduate level Literature or Film courses