Nancy Ciccone

Nancy Ciccone

Mailing Address:
Department of English
Campus Box 175 
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364


By appointment

About Dr. Nancy Ciccone:

Trained in comparative literature, I primarily research in two areas: 1) Medieval European literature and 2) the interstices between ancient and modern literatures. The disciplines of history and of philosophy inform my writing on medieval romance, practical reasoning and inner debates. For professional service, I continue as a bibliographer for the International Courtly Literature Society. My teaching ranges from entry level to graduate courses in which I aim to convey the continuing relevance of pre-modern narratives to our current population of students.


2018     “Now and Then: Ishiguro’s medievalism” This Year’s Work in Medievalism, 2017, vol. 32. May 2018: 1-7

2017    “Bleeding Lamb.” Approaches to Teaching the Middle English Pearl, NY: Modern Language Association, 2017: 209-215

2017    “Heaven and Hell in Venice, Criticalread, October,

2017    “Migrating Boundaries” Watchung Review: The Journal of the New Jersey College  English Association, April 2017, vol. 1: pp. 15-19

Area of Expertise: Comparative Literature: Medieval and Classical Literature

Courses Taught:

  • ENGL 2510: Greek and Roman Mythology
  • ENGL 2520/RLST 2700: The Bible as Literature
  • ENGL 4000/5000: Major Authors: Greek Drama
  • ENGL 4080/5080: History of the English Language
  • ENGL 4400/5400: Old English I
  • ENGL 4410/5410: Old English II: Beowulf
  • ENGL 4500/5500: Medieval Literature
  • ENGL 4730/5730: Chaucer
  • UHL 3501: Love and Death in the Greek Classics