Undergraduate Dual Degree in Economics and Finance

 Undergraduate Dual Degree in Economics and Finance


Economics and finance are distinct disciplines that are highly complementary.  A dual degree means that students receive both a BA in economics and a BSBA in finance. 

A Multidisciplinary Program

The Dual Degree in Economics and Finance is founded on the strengths of the CU Denver Economics Department and CU Denver Business School. The program combines the quantitative and theoretical skills of an economics degree with the hands-on finance applications of modern business.  The dual degree program creates highly-skilled professionals with considerable data management and econometric skills as well as familiarity with financial markets, instruments, and institutions.  The program will equip you with an applied interdisciplinary skill set that integrates creative knowledge with the technical expertise that can take your career anywhere.

Degree Details

Students can complete the dual degree with 126 credit hours.  The dual program can be completed in in as few as four academic years for a student who takes an average of 15 credit hours per semester and one three-credit-hour course each summer.  As part of the program, two FNCE and two ECON electives double count towards both majors.  In addition, ECON 3811 fulfils the Business School Core BANA 2010 requirement, and BLAW 3050 fulfills the CLAS core Behavioral Science requirement.  With careful planning, you may be able to add the dual major without extending your graduation date.

Already an Economics or Finance Major?

No problem!  Students can add the Dual degree in Economics and Finance at any stage in their academic career provided that they have not already graduated.

Find Out More

Contact an advisor in the Economics Department or Business School for more information.