About Us

What is the Denver Writing Project?

For over three decades, the National Writing Project has provided one of our nation’s most respected professional development approaches.  NWP’s belief in the power of “teachers teaching teachers” has proven popular with educators at all levels of our profession and effective at enhancing student learning.  Comprised of tens of thousands of teachers and over 150 local sites nationwide and abroad, NWP has served millions of students since its inception. 

Since hosting its first Summer Institute in 2000, local NWP site the Denver Writing Project has likewise served teachers from all disciplines and grade levels in the Denver area and throughout much of Colorado.  With over 200 members and teacher consultants, DWP offers professional development sessions in many local schools.  As a participating site of NWP, DWP is actively involved in several national networks, which help us spread best practices around Colorado including the ELL Network, Technology Network, and Urban Sites Network.  In April of 2008, the Denver Writing Project hosted  NWP’s annual (national) Urban Sites Conference.

“The Denver Writing Project is taking steps forward in education rather than sideways.  There is nothing more powerful than teachers sharing best practices, and I am proud to be a member of this community - educators who are dedicated to providing literacy among one another.” --Mimi Houde

Working Groups

The Denver Writing Project has many working groups. These groups meet year-round to accomplish the goals and missions of the DWP and the NWP. Most positions are unpaid and require a small time commitment of 10-30 hours per year.

Active Working Groups:

  • Summer Institute Coordination:  Kyle Crawford and Abbi Heller
  • Young Writers Camps: Jennifer Henderson
  • Continuity Events & Advanced Institute: Alice Smith and Blaine Miller
  • Digital Discourse: Joe Dillon, Molly Robbins, Sarah Woodard, Caleb Wohlust, Alex Crawford, Jennifer Dunbar, Jon Saliman, Jennifer Henderson, Shelly Ballinger
  • Colorado Young Writers Contest: Meredith Collins, John Dickinson, Maria Clinton
  • Newsletter Curation, Design, and Editing: Julie Vick
  • Social Media and Digital Communication: Open Position. Please Contact Kyle Crawford at kyle.crawford@ucdenver.edu with inquiries and questions.

All teacher consultants who have participated in the Invitational Summer Institute are invited to participate in our Working Groups. Leadership opportunities begin on a volunteer basis and, in some cases, lead to part-time, stipended, annual positions.

If you are interested in joining any of our working groups, please contact Kyle Crawford, and he will connect you with the group leader.​ We can always use more help creating impactful opportunities for students and teachers. We welcome your ideas and may be able to support work that you initiate in your own school community if it aligns with our mission and strategic plan.