Richard Ashmore Wins Director’s Award in Juried Photographic Competition

May 14, 2020

Richard Ashmore, Lecturer of Geography and Environmental Science and national award-winning photographer, has had work selected for the photographic exhibition Trees at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont (opening this month). Ashmore’s photograph entitled Adrift , which also won the exhibition’s Director’s Award, was selected by jurist Wendi Schneider, a Denver-based...

William M. Rodgers Undergraduate Geography Major Scholarship Winners Announced

March 30, 2020

The Geography and Environmental Sciences department is very proud to announce this Spring 2020 recipients of the William M. Rodgers Undergraduate Geography Major Scholarship : Nicole Boudreaux, Sarah Zimmer, Briley Manzanares, Hillary Hillam, and Rebecca Dennis.

Anne Chin named AAG Fellow

Nov. 20, 2019

Anne Chin, Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences, has been named an American Association of Geographers Fellow. Fellowships will be conferred at the Annual Meeting Awards Luncheon in Denver on April 10, 2020.

Peter Anthamatten receives NCGE award

Oct. 10, 2019

Peter Anthamatten, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences, and his co-authors are a 2019 recipient of the Journal of Geography Award from the National Council for Geographic Education for, “Giant Maps as Pedagogical Tools for Teaching Geography and Mathematics.” The paper was chosen as...

Martin Lockley's new research on fossil turtle tracks published

Aug. 27, 2019

In a paper published August 23 rd in the journal Quaternary Research , Geography and Environmental Science Professor Emeritus Martin Lockley, and his colleagues, explained the significance of the discovery of baby sea turtle fossil prints from the Pleistocene epoch in South Africa. Lockley, who studied turtle tracks from Colorado,...

Matthew Davis winner of Geography and Environmental Sciences’ William M. Rodgers Scholarship

April 23, 2019

Geography and Environmental Sciences is very proud to announce the Spring 2019 winner of the William M. Rodgers Undergraduate Geography Major Scholarship; Matthew Davis will receive $1,000 in award monies. Congratulations Matt!

Photo of Morgan, Caroline and David

In their own words – how GES Students are using data to help wild places via the NPS

March 28, 2019

Geography and Environmental Sciences graduate students Morgan Cameron (left), Caroline Hildebrand, and David Smith. Whenever we are asked what we do for work, we usually have to explain that the National Park Service is much more than park rangers, and that Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is much more than a...

Lockley publishes on tiny dino tracks

Nov. 15, 2018

GES Professor Emeritus Martin Lockly and colleagues recently published, " Smallest known raptor tracks suggest microraptorine activity in lakeshore setting" (SREP-18-00209) has been scheduled for online publication in Scientific Reports . The paper is the collaborative efforts of an international team of palaeontologists, and studies the world's smallest dinosaur tracks...

Mastin publishes in Botany

Sept. 20, 2018

Integrated Biology alum Jared Mastin (BS 2013, MS 2017) has published " Climatic Niche Modeling Reveals Divergence between Cytotypes in Eutrema edwardsii (Brassicaceae )" in the journal Botany . Mastin and co-authors Leo P Bruederle (Professor Emeritus, Integrative Biology) and Peter Anthamatten (Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Sciences) provide evidence...

Hartman and Ayele document GES History

Aug. 23, 2018

Lead investigator Rudi Hartmann, Professor C/T, and Designer Meron Ayele, GES Administrative Assistant, constructed a 22 page volume documenting the history of the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences (GES). The work spans from the hiring of the first geographer in 1963 (when CU-Denver was the Denver Extension Center with...