Undergraduate Climate Justice Research at AAG 2024

Published: May 6, 2024

Undergraduates, majoring in Public Health, Integrative Biology as well as Architectural Studies and Criminal Justice, delivered inspirational presentations (virtual) at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting in April. A wide range of interdisciplinary topics were presented, including El Niño disaster risk reduction (Stefanie Varghese, Luis Vargas, Ruth Hundie), food justice (Sarah Le), community organization-based climate justice advocacy (Laura Zabaleta), Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty & climate youth advocacy (Celeste Garcia), local climate knowledge in Egypt (Laila Zeid), climate misinformation (Fahiima Abdullahi), and climate adaptation and border regions (Amanda Hernandez, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley). Students were part of the AAG sessions entitled, “Elevating Undergraduate Student Research for Climate Justice,” organized by Ivan J. Ramírez, Clinical Assistant Professor in Health & Behavioral Sciences and PI for the Civic Engagement & Climate Justice ThinkLab, with colleagues at Penn State University (Mark Oritz) and West Virginia University (Nkatha Mercy).