Diana Tomback Celebrates in Yellowstone and is Featured in Cornell Ornithology Lab Video

Published: Oct. 19, 2022

In July, Integrative Biology Professor Diana F. Tomback, representing the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation (WPEF) and the University of Colorado Denver, held a picnic event to celebrate and thank Joe Ricketts for his on-going support for the Yellowstone Clark's Nutcracker Research Project. This project is a collaboration among Yellowstone National Park, Ricketts Conservation Foundation, and the University of Colorado Denver. Ricketts provided funding to generate an outreach video on the whitebark pine and Clark's nutcracker. Produced by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Tomback is one of many dedicated people (including Integrative Biology Alum Elizabeth Pansing) featured in the video showcasing efforts across government agencies, tribes, and nonprofit groups hoping to bring the whitebark pine back from the brink of extinction. The article and film highlight the important role the whitebark pine plays in the environment and the equally significant role the Clark’s Nutcracker plays in coexistence with the pine. The video is to be shown in Yellowstone Park visitor centers.