Published: July 22, 2020

Associate Professor of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Steffen Borgwardt was recently awarded a $233,560, 4-year, National Science Foundation award for researching Circuit Walks in Optimization. Borgwardt is working to design, study, and implement algorithms for optimal gradual transitions between solutions of a mathematical program. The ability to efficiently construct such a transition will enable a wealth of new applications. The project will raise awareness in the scientific community to go beyond just solving a problem and will advance knowledge on the transfer of computational results to practice. The research is complemented with synergistic education and outreach activities, including new courses, the training of students, and a workshop bringing together students from across the country with international experts. The impact will be tested in applications, involving students, through collaboration with the Auraria Library's Data to Policy Project. The methods will combine applied graph theory, polyhedral theory, mathematical programming, and complexity theory.