Ethnic Studies Cultural Diversity in the Workplace seminar in September - CU Denver employees can pay by speedtype

Published: July 23, 2019

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Organizations that commit to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace increase performance, productivity, and employee/customer satisfaction. Inclusive work environments promote cultural understanding and open up opportunities for collaboration in our increasingly globally-focused world. This series of workshops offers leaders, managers, and staff the ability to bridge cultural gaps and promote an inclusive culture within the workplace.

Tuesday evenings from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm,
September 3 - 24 at CU Denver CityCenter

Participants may sign up for individual workshops for $50 each, or can opt to sign up for the entire 4-session series for $150 (buy 3, get the 4th session free).

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Workshop Descriptions

  • September 3 – Why Does Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Matter?
    This introductory workshop covers the fundamental concepts and history of cultural diversity, inclusion, and equity. Understand both the benefits and challenges of establishing diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as impact on individuals and communities across the country.
  • September 10 – How Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Impact Your Bottom Line
    This workshop is presented from the perspective of the leadership team. Examine why diversity and inclusion contribute to a healthy company culture, increase employees’ productivity, and significantly impact your organization’s bottom line. Understand the potential legal and human resources ramifications that can arise from ignoring employee concerns and gain invaluable tools to increase inclusivity in your team. Includes a guest speaker from Mercer, a leading HR consulting firm.
  • September 17 – Become a Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Advocate
    This workshop is presented from the perspective of an employee. Recognize cultural diversity and inclusion as assets in your own professional development and career trajectory. Understand your rights as an employee and gain confidence in advocating for yourself! Walk away with specific techniques to appropriately voice your concerns, negotiate salary, and build a supportive work culture. Includes a guest speaker from G&A Partners, an HR outsourcing provider.
  • September 24 – Examining Personal Implicit Bias and Assumptions 
    This workshop will help you develop an awareness of your own attitudes and identities in the context of cultural diversity and inclusion. Discover how historical, systemic, and cultural influences have shaped our perceptions and implicit biases. Recognize how your own identities and biases shape your personal and professional development and gain tips for how to navigate diverse environments in the future.

For more information contact
Kristen Kang Salsbury
Program Manager, Continuing and Professional Education