Published: June 15, 2017

The CU Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors (UCDALI) is pleased to announce the recipients of the University of Colorado Denver CLAS Non-Tenure Track Faculty Professional Development grants for spring 2017, selected from a pool of impressive candidates.

Masoud Asidi-Zeybadadi and Richard Geyer, Department of Physics, will continue work on their project "Computational Prediction and Measurement of the Dielectric Properties of Multi-Phase Materials for High-Frequencies Applications."

Patrick Shaou-Whea Dodge, Department of Communications, ICB Assistant Professor C/T, received funding support for two projects: "The China/Chinese Dream", an 8-year longitudinal study, and attending the 1st Shenzhen International Communication Forum: Digital Media and Innovation" in Shenzhen, China.  Patrick, a co-organizer of the forum, will be delivering a keynote presentation.

Rudi Hartmann, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences: will continue work on his project "A Study of Tourist Motivations at Gou Qiao ("Marco Polo Bridge") Remembering the Victims of the Second Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945."

Maren Scull, Department of Sociology, will use the grant to support research on mutually beneficial relationships (MRBs), or what are also commonly known as "sugar" arrangements.

Martin Widzer, Department of Political Science, use the grant for teaching enhancement by participating in instructor-orientated workshops offered by the Active Learning in Political Science Association and the International Studies Association’s PaxSims project.

UCDALI is grateful to Dean Jansma for funding these annual grants.