Published: April 13, 2017

Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Casey Allen has been named a 2017 recipient of the prestigious Higher Education Distinguished Teaching Award from the National Council for Geographic Education. This award honors those who have made extraordinary contributions to the teaching and learning of geography at the post-secondary level. Allen will be formally recognized by the NCGE community at an awards ceremony in July in Albuquerque, NM.

In addition, Allen contributed to Landscapes and Landforms of the Lesser Antilles (Springer), out in May. As part of Springer’s “World Geomorphological Landscapes” series, it brings together nearly two-dozen regional specialists to showcase this under-studied region’s vast potential for research and exploration. Allen’s other volume publishing in May is The Andes: Geography, Diversity, and Sociocultural Impacts is part of Nova Science’s “Earth Sciences in the 21st Century” series, and explores current research in the Andes. It is also an edited volume bringing together world scholars and covers everything from current archaeological excavations and paleoclimate analyses to historical agricultural developments and current economies.