Published: Sept. 15, 2016

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) is providing support to its faculty for engaging in activities that promote their research and creative work and enhance the profile of the college and university. A critical feature of a productive research program is the ability to disseminate findings and engage in scholarly discourse with colleagues around the world to inform future research and creative activities, develop productive research collaborations, and support new grant applications. The CLAS Dissemination Grant is a competitive program that provides an opportunity for tenure track, tenured, and clinical teaching track faculty to obtain funds for disseminating research and creative activities via publication (page and other publication charges), travel to support presentations at professional meetings, website design related to communication of results and projects, or other scholarly dissemination activities.

Instructions: Up to $2,000 may be requested per academic year per faculty member to support dissemination activities. Applicants must complete this Dissemination Grant Application Form.  Applications will be evaluated by a faculty committee of past recipients on the basis of the importance of the work, the impact of the dissemination activities, and the degree to which the budget request is justified. Preference will be given to equally qualified projects without alternative funding sources and to applicants who have not received funding from the dissemination program in the prior year. To remain eligible for funding in future years, past grant recipients must provide a brief report on the dissemination activities supported by the grant within six months of their completion. Please contact Associate Dean Laura Argys ( if you have any questions.

Submit applications via email to by 5:00 pm Friday, 10/14/16.