Tuition is due on March 30th, 2021

Tuition may take up to a week to be reflected on your account; tuition is due March 30th. You will NOT be mailed a bill. Please check our current course offerings page for tuition amounts. If you do not drop your course using the add/drop form by the drop deadline of March 19th, you will be responsible for tuition.

Payment Plans:

You have the option of signing up for a payment plan that spreads the cost of tuition and fees over a period of months (depending on when charges were assessed to me). The payment plan options require a bank account or credit/debit card to be set up for automatic withdrawal. There is a $35 fee for taking advantage of the payment plan. There is also a 2.75% service fee assessed to all credit/debit card payments. E-check (bank account) transactions are not assessed the 2.75% fee.

Funds will automatically be pulled on the 20th of the month, for each month of the plan. For example, in the spring semester:

1/4 of the charges will be automatically withdrawn on January 20th
1/4 of the charges will be automatically withdrawn on February 20th
1/4 of the charges will be automatically withdrawn on March 20th
1/4 of the charges will be automatically withdrawn on April 20th

If the automatic withdrawal fails due to insufficient funds or invalid account information, a second attempt will be made approximately a week later. Notification will be sent in the case of a failed attempt, providing enough time for me to correct inaccurate information, or to change funding sources. If the second attempt fails, a $30 returned payment fee will be applied, and you will be removed from the payment plan and may be subject to additional service charges. Past due charges will be applied while you are actively making payments. The monthly payment amounts may change due to recalculations resulting from changes to my bill, such as adding or dropping classes, tuition waivers, financial aid, etc. If this occurs, you understand and agree to take action to rebalance your payment plan by logging in to your student portal via UCDAccess and following the on-screen instructions.

You must  agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Payment Plan Agreement if you choose to enroll. Information and instructions for payment plans are available on the Pay Your Bill page of the Bursar’s Office website.

Late Payment Charges:
Past due charges are assessed a once-per-term late charge, as well as monthly service charges on the past due balance. The late charge amount is based on the past due balance. Please see table below. The service charge is 1% of the past due balance, and is assessed every month a balance remains outstanding.

Late Payment Charge Table:

​ $1.00 - 99.99 ​ $5.00
​ $100.00 - 299.99 ​ $10.00
​ $300.00 - 499.99 ​ $20.00
​ $500.00 - 699.99 ​ $30.00
​ $700.00 - 899.99 ​ $40.00
​ $900.00 - and over ​ $50.00