CU Succeed offers students the opportunity to get a head start on college by earning college credit while still in high school. As a CU Succeed student, you'll be engaged in courses of the same academic quality and rigor as those taught at the University of Colorado Denver. All courses are taken for a letter grade and appear on an official CU Denver transcript. Plus, CU Succeed courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate so you can begin earning college credit before paying full college tuition! 

Transferability of credits: What if I don't attend CU Denver?

Courses are eligible for transfer to University of Colorado campuses, as well as to many other universities and colleges. In general, institutions that accept CU credits will accept the credits earned from CU Succeed courses. Before registering for a course you should confirm with your intended college that the course will be accepted and will apply toward requirements of your anticipated program of study. See more about transferability of credits here.

Student Expectations: Academic Policies and Student Responsibilities

Students enrolled in CU Succeed courses are receiving academic credit form CU Denver and they are subject to the same academic policies and procedures to which regularly enrolled students on campus must adhere. These include policies and procedures pertaining to academic honesty, attendance and course work, adding and dropping of courses, grade appeals, dissabilty access, etc. Students must adhere to all deadlines established by the programs.