Parent Information


If your student registers for our CU Succeed Program, your student will be considered a non-degree seeking CU Denver student. Your student will be treated as a college student and they will be expected to handle themselves as a college student. Your student will follow the syllabus, and abide by all policies set forth by the college.

There may be tuition associated with your student's course. Each high school is different, and both students and teachers are informed of the cost of the course prior to the registration period. Please discuss this with your student prior to registering for the course. If there is tuition associated with the course, you will be asked to sign our Parent/Guardian Responsibility Form to ensure that all parties understand the financial obligation. Charges to student accounts will not go away due to non-payment; additionally, courses are not considered to be dropped or withdrawn from due to non-payment. Information on paying tuition can be found here

It is your student's responsibility to register and confirm that they are registered for any courses they wish to take. If you student decides that they do not want credit for the course, they will need to either drop it or withdraw from it by the semester deadlines. Students must adhere to the deadlines set forth by the University; there will be no exceptions. Many students find that this process prepares them for further academic study at other institutions of higher learning, and they are often able to better navigate college strictures once they perform these processes on their own. 

Credits earned for CU Succeed courses—as is the case with any credits earned at an institution of higher learning—are not guarenteed to transfer in to other colleges or universities. Generally speaking, institutions that accept University of Colorado credits will accept those earned in CU Succeed courses.  Most of our courses are on the Guarenteed Transfer Pathways list. For more information about transferability, please see our information regarding transferring credits. Students who know to which colleges or universities they will apply are encouraged to obtain transfer information from those institutions prior to enrolling in CU Succeed courses.

Additionally, if your student enrolls in a CU Succeed course, there is certain information that—by law—we will be unable to disclose to you as a parent. We are bound by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. We ask you to please keep this in mind if you contact us regarding your student.

You can find information about transferability, courses offered, and other frequently asked questions on our website. 

Your student should review our Student Information page prior to registering. If your student has any questions for us, we encourage them to call us at 303-315-7030.