WJS Keep On Truckin' Scholarship

At the time of award disbursement, scholarship recipients must be an undergraduate Sociology Major with a minimum of 45 credit hours completed and a 3.0 minimum GPA. Preference will be given to student(s) who have completed more than 45 credit hours.  Application deadline is March 1st.  Click on scholarship title to apply.


2021 - Michele Schilling, a senior Sociology major, is the recipient of the Keep on Truckin’ Scholarship in Sociology. Currently she is collecting data for her honors’ thesis addressing how women in conservative religions conceive of gender roles in their homes and religious communities.

2020 - Karlene Perez, a junior from Denver, is pursuing her Sociology major, along with a Criminology certificate from the department and a minor in Communications. Karlene aspires to work with Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ youth, a plan that has been intensified in light of the recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

2020 - Colorado native Desiree Salais, a senior  pursuing Sociology’s 4+1 BA/MA degree. Desiree has interests in demography and  health and plans to pursue her doctorate in sociology. She works as a Peer Advocate Leader (PAL) at CU Denver and aspires to assuming other tutoring and research positions on campus in the year to come.

2020 - Summer Eisert-Wiemelt of Longmont, CO. Summer graduated in December 2019 with a BA in Sociology, which she completed entirely online after transferring to CU Denver from Front Range Community College. She also earned a certificate in Criminology from the Sociology Department. Summer is currently a case manager for North Metro Community Services where she advocates for and provides services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She credits her successful job search to experience gained as an intern with the Emergency Family Assistance Association in Boulder County where she worked with homeless families.


Ronna T. Winterton Scholarship

Award winners will have some combination of characteristics that suggest promise.  These may include motivation to complete one's college education, participation in specific activities (e.g., community or campus leadership, personal or family responsibilities, participation in extracurricular activities, volunteer or paid work), and academic promise.  Application deadline is March 1st.  Click on scholarship title to apply.


Garrett Wheeler received the Ronna T. Winterton Scholarship in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Garrett is a CU Denver student majoring in Biology with a minor in Sociology. He attended high school in Frederick, Colorado, where he completed eight CU Denver courses through the CU Succeed concurrent enrollment program.  Garrett’s future plans are to study medicine and specialize in orthopedics or to work in the area of genetic counseling.


Graduate & Research Assistants

New incoming graduate students may be offered a scholarship upon their acceptance into the Sociology MA program.  Graduate students may also have the opportunity to become a graduate assistant.  Graduate assistants are assigned to assist in courses, which may include grading, assisting with course prep, etc.  There may also be opportunities to become research assistants for professors that receive have grants that include funding to hire student research assistants.  Contact the Sociology Graduate Director, Dr. Adam Lippert, for information about the Sociology MA program and scholarships.


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