Completed MA Theses

Beth Benn defended her Sociology MA Thesis in April 2019

Beth Benn and Thesis Chair Dr. ReichThesis Title - "Growing Pains: Young Adults' Experiences Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

Thesis Committee
Dr. Jennifer Reich (Chair)
Dr. Stacey Bosick
Dr. Keith Guzik

Rebecca Minasian defended her Sociology MA Thesis in April 2019

Photo of Rebecca Minasian with Thesis Chair Dr. BosickThesis Title: "Exploring Self-Efficiency Development
Among Paid Undergraduate Research Assistants"

Thesis Committee
Dr. Stacey Bosick (Chair)
Dr. Edelina Burciaga
Dr. Lindsey Hamilton (Psychology)

Gracie Finnigan-Fox defended her Sociology MA Thesis on October 24, 2018

Thesis Title: "Health at the Intersection of
Work and Family for American Mothers"

Thesis committee:
Dr. Teresa Cooney
Dr. Adam Lippert (Chair)
Dr. Kari Alexander

Shara Schroeder defended her Sociology MA Thesis on July 28, 2018
Photo of Shara SchroederThesis Title: "Perspectives on Assistance in Home Health Care"
This study explored how patients’ needs (e.g., transportation, home
and personal care, food and medication access) after hospital discharge
are addressed using rational and relational solutions. 

Thesis Committee:
Dr. Stacey Bosick (Chair)
Dr. Christine Jones
Dr. Jennifer Reich

Brendon Atkins defended his Sociology MA Thesis on May 12, 2018

Photo of Brendon AtkinsThesis Title: "Minority Stress and Health: The Health Disparities of Sexual Minorities"
This study addressed the role of stigma and discrimination in explaining poor health
outcomes for sexual minorities. The results suggest that stress has an influence in the
health disparities documented between sexual minorities and heterosexual individuals.

Thesis Committee:
Dr. Edelina Burciaga (Chair)
Dr. Candan Duran-Aydintug
Dr. Kari Alexander

Completed MA Projects

Patrick Noonan defended his Sociology MA Project on November 19, 2018

Project Title - "Mi Comunidad No Está En Venta:
Community Ownership, Not Capital Gains"

Project Committee:
Dr. Esther Sullivan (Chair)
Dr. Keith Guzik
Dr. Kari Alexander





Christina Gray presented her Sociology MA Project in the Spring 2018

Project Title - Generational Sex Work and the Pathways into the Sex Trade"
An internship at a residential treatment program for women exiting the sex trade
provided access to data on their pathways to such work. This project examined
the extent of generational sex work in this facility’s sample, and how the experiences
nd histories of generational sex workers differed from those of first-generation sex workers.

Project Committee:
Dr. Stacey Bosick (Chair)
Dr. Candan Duran-Aydintug
Dr. Keith Guzik

Undergraduate Honors


Mais Al-Nima - Summa Cum Laude - Project Title - Layer Upon Layer: Non-Heterosexual Identities Intersecting with Being Muslim-Arab


Brian Ball - Magna Cum Laude - Project Title - Social-Emotional Learning Through Skate Boarding: A Gateway to Self-Efficacy

Karim Kazemi - Cum Laude - Project Title - The Prevention Gift I Give to Myself: Individualized Risk and Sexual Autonomy in Medical Discourse of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis