Maren Scull

Photo of Dr. Maren Scull
Associate Professor, Clinical Track • Undergraduate Advisor
Sociology Department

Maren uses qualitative methods to conduct research in the areas of deviance, sexualities, gender, and social psychology. Specifically, she looks at the ways in which deviant roles and statuses impact individuals’ self-conceptions and identities with a specific focus on those who engage in sexual deviance and/or sex work. Drawing from field work and in-depth interviews, she has examined how being an exotic dancer influences male strippers’ self-conceptions, the social stigmas they face, and the ways in which their performances reinforce stereotypical gender roles. In more recent research, she used in-depth interviews to understand the experiences of women who are in sugar relationships with a “sugar daddy” or benefactor. In particular, she examined the various types of sugar relationships, how and why women enter these arrangements, and the social stigmas they face. As an extension of this research, she is currently interviewing men who have a sugar daddy. She is also involved in a project using surveys and in-depth interviews to assess the needs of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff on college campuses.  

Teaching/Expertise Areas: Deviance, Gender, Sexualities, Social Psychology, and Qualitative Methods

Ph.D Indiana University Bloomington
M.A. Indiana University Bloomington
B.A. University of Denver

SOCY 1001: Intro to Sociology
SOCY 2440: Deviant Behavior
SOCY 2462: Social Psychology
SOCY 3010: Sociology of Human Sexuality
SOCY 3080: Sex and Gender