Kari Alexander, Ph.D.
Senior Instructor
Sociology Department

Contact via email kari.alexander@ucdnever.edu

Teaching/Expertise Areas:  Statistics, Quantitative Research Methods, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Health, and Social Stress & Health

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
M.A. Religious Studies, Iliff School of Theology
M.A. Economics, Colorado State University
B.A. Economics, Colorado State University

Kari Alexander’s past research examines the relationships between exposure to social stress, religion, and health. In addition to general research on social stress, coping behaviors, and health outcomes, she focuses more narrowly on the effects of different aspects of religiosity on mental health after exposure to social stressors. Currently, Dr. Alexander is beginning to explore the effects of narrative-based online pedagogies on levels of empathy among undergraduate students.  

SOCY 1001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCY 3115: Quantitative Methods and Analysis
SOCY 4610: Sociology of Religion
SOCY 5000: Professional Seminar: Introduction to Social Inquiry
SOCY 5183: Quantitative Data Analysis